No money spent on monument upkeep this year

February 1, 2013 by Zack Harold

Over the last week I’ve written two stories about lighting problems at the West Virginia Veterans Memorial at the state Capitol complex. Wednesday’s story reported the lights have been out for months and no one knows why. Today’s story featured the memorial’s designer, P. Joseph Mullins, who believes the state is not taking proper care of the monument.

P. Joseph Mullins at the West Virginia Veterans Memorial, which he designed.

I found out today the Legislature last year allotted $68,000 to the state’s Division of General Services for upkeep and maintenance of the Capitol’s statues and memorials. (The state runs on a July-June fiscal year calendar, so when I say “this year,” I mean “this fiscal year.”)

And while lights on the memorial have apparently been out for months, the division has not spent a cent of that money so far.

Diane Holley-Brown, the Department of Administration’s spokeswoman, said that money likely will be exhausted hiring an architecture and engineering firm to find out why the lighting system is on the fritz. Any remaining monies would be spent on fixing any problems the engineers identify, she said.

I popped by the Veterans Memorial on my way home today, and used a neat little app called 360 Panorama to create a panorama of the monument. I’m including a flattened version below, but click here to see it in interactive mode..

Click here to view this panorama in interactive mode.

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  1. TED says:

    Hahaha, right–let’s hire an engineering and architectural firm for thousands of dollars instead of sending a General Services electrician out there with a multimeter to find out why the electric is messed up.

    ONLY IN WV. The Dept of Admin and GS couldn’t find their arse with both hands (and a test meter).

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