Bill Watch (Dec. 9)

December 9, 2013 by Matt Murphy

No action on ordinances occurred after city council’s meeting last Monday. However, three of the following ordinances will be discussed at the Streets and Traffic Committee meeting on Wednesday. City council meets next on Dec. 16.

PASSED on second reading at city council, making the ordinance law

No city council meeting.
ACTION on previously introduced measures

City Council

No city council meeting.

City Council Committees


INTRODUCED bills on first reading.

No city council meeting.

ACTIVE remaining bills.
No. 7589 – Traffic – Requires southbound Wood Road traffic to stop at the intersection with New School Road. Moves to Streets & Traffic Committee.

No. 7599 – Handicap Parking -Establishes a handicap parking zone on a portion 2nd Avenue between Fitzgerald Street and Hunt Avenue. Moves to Streets & Traffic Committee.

No. 7602 – Parking – Establishes a No Parking Anytime Tow Away zone on Skyline Road between Clark Road and 1548 Skyline Road. Moves to Streets & Traffic Committee.

No. 7609 - Handicap Parking – Ordinance would establish one handicapped metered parking space on Virginia Street East in the block between McFarland and Dunbar streets. Introduced on Dec. 2 by Robert Sheets. Moves to Streets and Traffic Committee.

INACTIVE remaining bills.

No. 7598 – CatsTABLED by council’s Ordinance & Rules Committee on Sept. 9. As written, this ordinance would place restrictions on cat ownership in city limits and other regulations on cats. Introduced by Councilman Cubert Smith. The Ordinance & Rules Committee voted to table the bill after public opposition, instead opting to look for other solutions to the city’s feral cat problem.

No. 7607 – RedistrictingTABLED by council’s Committee on Redistricting on Nov. 13 until the spring. As written, this ordinance would change ward boundaries for all but six of the city’s 21 wards. The committee is also examining other redistricting options as well, including eliminating one ward to create a 20-ward system. However, the committee wants the state Legislature to formally address whether cities can drop wards.

KILLED bills.

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Bill Watch is a weekly series, published on Mondays, that provides updates on ordinances moving through Charleston city council and its committees. To see past posts, click the “Bill Watch” topic link on the right of this page.


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