Bridge Road restaurants using bottled water

January 27, 2014 by Jared Hunt
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The Bridge Road Neighborhood Association this morning provided an update regarding which restaurants in its area were using bottled water/soda for food preparation and drinks with meals.  The updates were compiled from owners and managers of local eateries.  Here’s the current status of the restaurants, according to the association:

From the Wheelhouse:  Hello everyone!! Wheelhouse is preparing all recipes with bottled water.  We are serving Bottled water and canned drinks. Our fountain machine is turned off at this time. Our tea and coffee is made with Bottled water as well. I plan on using Bottled water at The Wheelhouse until that I feel that it is safe.  As soon as my family and I decide to drink this water is when I will serve it to my customers. Thank you, Tina VanBibber 

From Anne Arbaugh at SH Market & Café:  We are using bottled water for all cooking, hot drinks (coffee/tea) and are making our flavored iced tea with bottled water. We are not using our fountain for sodas, but providing bottled waters and sodas. We are going to continue until the levels of the chemical are non-detectable.  Thank you for your support, Anne.

From Sandy Call, General Manger of The BR Bistro:  Thank you for looking out for the Businesses of Bridge Road! We are more than happy to tell you that we here at the Bistro- have and will continue to serve Bottled/canned H20 to our guest. We are cooking/preparing our cuisine with only distilled water. We will continue this procedure until well past Valentines’ Day-especially after hearing about the second chemical that was found.   We use canned soda only-not the fountain or guns. Although Coke has changed filters-we don’t want to take any chances.  Our Ice is filtered 7 times to clear out any impurities. Basically anything ingested we use water from Tyler Mountain that is shipped in from PA.  We have chosen to not serve Coffee or Iced Tea at this time. Our system runs from the buildings water source. Sunday Brunch we will make coffee from bottled water. Kindest Regards, Sandy

From Nick Husson at Husson’s:  Greetings! As for Husson’s Pizza, we use bottled water for any cooking.

Any vegetables we wash are washed bottled water. We have bottled drinks available (water and soft drinks.) We do have our crushed ice and fountain drinks available, but both use tap water. Thanks!  Nicholas Husson

From Lola’s:  Good morning, At Lola’s we are using bottled water for everything including washing our dishes.  We are using disposable plates, silverware, and cups to make this a little easier for us to do.  All sodas are coming from cans or bottles.  We have discontinued using our soda lines indefinitely.  If you are on Facebook take a look at our Lola’s page – what protocol we are following and why.  Thanks for spreading the word for.  Cary Charbonniez

From Sarah’s Bakery: Bottled water for cooking and drinking.

Daily Mail reporter Matt Murphy also has a complete listing of area restaurants using bottled water or other sources over on his blog.



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  1. TED says:

    Of course the Bridge Road restaurants are using bottled water–they would have it even if no one else had access.

    We can’t let the beautiful people of South Hills be affected by the spill like the common holler folk, now can we?

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