Chris Massey talks the NFL Draft

May 2, 2015 by Derek Redd

Chris Massey will be inducted this year into Marshall’s Athletics Hall of Fame. That honor came from his abilities both at Marshall and in the NFL as a long snapper. Drafting special teamers doesn’t happen often, but the St. Louis Rams picked him the seventh round in 2002. He talked about that and more at the Daily Mail’s draft event Thursday at Recovery Sports Grill.

Doc Talk: Spring football, NFL Draft and more

May 1, 2015 by Derek Redd

Marshall football coach Doc Holliday was our first guest at the Daily Mail’s NFL Draft event Thursday night at Recovery Sports Grill. The reigning C-USA coach of the year had plenty to say about the Herd’s recently concluded spring season and the NFL draft. Marshall has several players who should get some consideration in Saturday’s later rounds.

Pay special attention to his comments around the 6:45 mark after I asked him about intangibles and their importance in the draft process. Holliday was quite curious as to whether NFL teams would take players’ character into consideration as much as they claimed they would.

Spring Game Postscript — Rain, rain go away

April 25, 2015 by Derek Redd

Marshall concluded its spring season Saturday afternoon with its Green and White spring game, and showed what happens when football players don’t practice in the elements for more than a month. It was a messy affair at the start, as passes sailed long or awry and receivers had a tough time holding on to them. The rain subsided later in the day and the offense seemed to calm down, as shown in the stats you can find below.

If you’re looking for an official starting quarterback, keep waiting. Doc Holliday didn’t announce one after the game and said it will be Monday or Tuesday, after the coaches watch Saturday’s film, that the decision will be made. But, once again, Michael Birdsong was the first quarterback to take the field, followed by Gunnar Holcombe. That’s been the case with every scrimmage this spring.

Tony Pittman had another very strong showing. He continues to run with power and probably earned some carries in the fall with what he did this spring.

The defense had its best performance of any of the three scrimmages. It scored on a pick-six when Chase Hancock intercepted Chase Litton for a 10-yard score, and Raheim Huskey recovered a fumble in the end zone for another score. Linebackers coach Adam Fuller had a lot of good things to say about Hancock after the game. Looks like the Woodrow Wilson High product could see the field a bit in the fall. Add to that six sacks (well, touch-sacks, since the QBs weren’t live), one for a safety and three pass breakups.

That’s all for now. We’ll have a few stories in this week’s editions of the Daily Mail wrapping up the Herd’s spring season. Until then, satisfy your appetite with the stats below and the video above.



Total 52-280

Birdsong 6-minus-3

Butler 13-84

Pittman 11-127, 2 TD

Gaydosz 13-78

Holcombe 3-1

Team 2-minus-12

Litton 4-5


Total 22-48-266, 6 TD, INT

Holcombe 11-16-147, 2 TD

Birdsong 5-20-58, 2 TD

Litton 6-12-61, 2 TD, INT


Green 5-41, TD

Elzy 3-30, TD

Gaydosz 3-29

Gammon 2-21

Jean-Louis 1-5

Pittman 1-9

Foster 2-26, 2 TD

Byrd 1-5, TD

Knight 1-7

Beal 2-73, TD

Yurachek 1-20

Total offense: 100 plays, 546 yards

Significant defensive statistics

Houston 5 tkl, sack

Carter 5 tkl, FR

Riedel 6 tkl

Hunter sack

Massaquoi sack

Bee sack, resulting in a safety

Dozier sack

Keller sack

Hancock INT for TD

Williams-Hall PBU

R. Allen PBU

J. Smith PBU

Huskey FR for TD


Prepping for the spring (?) game

April 25, 2015 by Derek Redd

So they’re calling this a spring game … if your idea of “spring” is 48 degrees and a steady rain.

I don’t know how long the Herd is going to play in this weather. I doubt it will be long. I can’t say I blame them. But for however long Marshall does play today, here are some folks you want to keep an eye on …

– Michael Birdsong, QB — He’s been running with the first team in every other scrimmage, so today shouldn’t be any different. He can make all the throws and made some pretty ones in practice this spring. Hopefully the weather will let fans see a couple of those.

– Steward Butler and Tony Pittman, RBs — They’ve just been fun to watch run the last month. They run with power and they run angry. I don’t think Devon Johnson’s starting job is in peril,  but if a running back’s name hasn’t been mentioned in this paragraph, they’d better come into the fall playing the best they ever have. It’ll be tough to jump any of those three in the depth chart.

– Shawn Petty and Raheim Huskey, LBs — Both have really worked their way into the rotation this spring. Evan McKelvey’s return from injury this fall probably will shuffle the lineup at linebacker, but those two have earned some notoriety.

Stick around the blog when the game kicks off, as we’ll do some live coverage below. Otherwise, stay dry. I know that won’t be easy.

Live Blog Marshall football spring game

Herd hits the home stretch for spring

April 23, 2015 by Derek Redd

There really wasn’t much to Thursday’s practice, the final one before Marshall plays its spring game Saturday at 2 p.m. The players were in jerseys and shorts, as NCAA regulations mandate the team needed one more no-pads practice. The only real mysteries left were the makeup of the green and white rosters and any backup plans in case the weather is as bad as predicted on Saturday.

The rosters can be found here. If you notice, the green team has most of Marshall’s top offensive players, and the white team has most of its top defensive players. So when Michael Birdsong, Hyleck Foster and Davonte Allen take the field, they’ll be lining up against Keith Baxter, A.J. Leggett, Raheim Huskey and others.

As for weather contingencies, Holliday wasn’t quite sure. The indoor facility, the team’s usual refuge from the rain, will be occupied by both an equipment sale and fan fest. So Holliday figured the Herd will go as long as they can in Joan C. Edwards Stadium and hope the weather cooperates long enough.

Check later tonight or Friday’s print edition for one final story before the spring game, taking a look at how coaches and players approach the event. Otherwise, I’ll see you folks Saturday. Stay dry.


T-minus two practices and counting

April 21, 2015 by Derek Redd

Marshall’s football team held on Tuesday its last full practice before Saturday’s Green and White spring game. Thursday’s practice will be in shorts — the NCAA mandates one of a team’s three practices in shorts to come late in the spring — and Saturday at 2 p.m. concludes the spring.

Doc Holliday said Tuesday this spring game won’t be quite like last year’s. It probably will be set up more like the scrimmages seen two Saturdays ago at the Greenbrier and last Saturday at Joan C. Edwards Stadium. Those scrimmages were first team vs. first team for a set number of plays, second team vs. second team for a set number, and so on. (If you’re on Twitter, you’ll notice that Marshall coaches haven’t announced players for each side outside of quarterbacks, safeties and corners.)

That’s probably a good idea. If there aren’t enough numbers at some positions, there’s no need to force a guy to play the whole time. Also, it keeps players from participating in groupings they won’t find themselves in during the regular season. The spring game might be an event for the fans, but it’s still a developmental period for the players.

Among the highlights of Tuesday’s practice were a really nice scramble and deep touchdown throw to Hyleck Foster from Michael Birdsong. Tony Pittman had some powerful, long runs, too.

Speaking of the running game, check out later tonight or Wednesday’s print edition for my latest column. It seems to me that the running lanes are a little bigger this spring. Am I just seeing things? Read later and find out.

Saturday Scrimmagin’

April 18, 2015 by Derek Redd

Did Marshall name a starting QB after Saturday’s scrimmage? Nope. Doc Holliday did, however, say the Herd is getting a lot closer to naming one. Who has the inside track? The stats are below, and here was the order of appearance: Michael Birdsong took the field first, followed by Gunnar Holcombe, then Chase Litton. Cole Garvin did not take a snap, the second scrimmage where that was the case.

I asked Doc whether Garvin would see action going forward. Here was his response:

We’ll make that decision. It’s hard to get four ready to go. So, we’ll take a look at this film and see where we are before next week.

Doesn’t exactly sound like a resounding “yes.”

Here are a few other observations from Saturday:

– Birdsong had the steadier hand this morning, and completed his first three passes of the scrimmage. Holcombe missed on all three of his first throws, but connected with Kaleb Harris on his fourth for a 65-yard touchdown. (By the way, this TE crew of Ryan Yurachek, Emanuel Byrd, Harris and Joe Woodrum looks like a talented bunch.) And for those comparing and contrasting Birdsong and Holcombe, remember Holcombe had a really nice day at the Greenbrier, 14 for 25 for 154 yards.

– Stew Butler is wearing those extra pounds very well right now. He’s running with a lot of power and breaking tackles. His 16-yard touchdown was quite impressive, bouncing off several defenders to get into the end zone.

– I’ll be stunned if Litton jumps to the starting spot. Marshall started Cato as a true freshman out of necessity and the Herd has enough veteran QBs where that shouldn’t be necessary. But dang it if he isn’t showing a bunch of progress on the field. He made some nice throws, including a nifty touchdown strike in the back corner of the end zone to Justin Hunt and a jumping catch by Josh Knight for 16 yards. He also ran for a 24-yard touchdown. The coaches often talk about “it” and “moxie” in describing quarterbacks. Looks like Litton has plenty.

– A couple of in-state boys on defense made their case for playing time this fall. Look at the stats below and DB Cody Carter from Barboursville and LB Chase Hancock from Daniels had pretty good days. Doc isn’t shy about playing walk-ons, so you might hear their names come September, at least on special teams.

That’s all from here for now. We’ll be at every practice this week leading up to next Saturday’s Green and White spring game. We’ll see how long it takes after that to find out about a new Marshall starting QB.



Butler 14-102, 2 TD

Pittman 12-61

Holcombe 6-9

Cofield 8-31

Birdsong 5-14

Litton 2-35, TD


Birdsong 14-24-148

Holcombe 7-21-11, TD, 2 INT

Litton 12-20-151, TD


Foster 5-57

Jean-Louis 5-37

Allen 1-5

Harris 3-88, TD

Byrd 5-64

McManus 3-37

Hunt 2-17, TD

Reaves 2-39

Green 2-13

Pittman 1-7

Woodrum 1-19

Yurachek 2-18

Knight 1-17

Significant Defensive Performances

Carter 8 tkl, .5 TFL, PBU, FF

Hunter 8 tkl, 6 solo

Hancock 7 tkl, INT, PBU

Rodney Allen 5 tkl

Letman 5 tkl, PBU

Gant 5 tkl, INT, 2 PBU

Michael Johnson sack (touch sack), 2 PBU

Bee .5 TFL

Dozier .5 TFL, FR

Baxter 2 PBU

Dews PBU

Judgment Day for UAB coming in June?

April 10, 2015 by Derek Redd

It looks like the University of Alabama at Birmingham will learn its future in Conference USA, if it has one, at the June executive committee meetings. The Virginian-Pilot is reporting that’s when the conference will decide whether to keep UAB, despite the school dropping football, or part ways. Current league bylaws dictate that all member schools must field football teams.

The answer I received when I called the conference offices Friday afternoon was that C-USA was remaining patient with the decision and monitoring UAB’s next moves. But let’s face it, UAB announced its decision to drop the sport in early December. By those meetings, UAB will have had six months to decide whether it wants to change course, and C-USA will have had six months to watch the university deal with the issue. That’s plenty of time for both sides.

UAB president Ray Watts said he would lobby for his school to remain in C-USA, and it is one of two charter members remaining (Southern Miss is the other and Marshall, Rice and UTEP are the next most-senior members, joining in 2005). One question, though, is how important is charter membership in a conference that didn’t exist until 1995 and has nine members who joined in 2013 or later? This isn’t exactly Michigan threatening to leave the Big Ten.

The conference could decide to keep UAB around, but would it really be fair to give the university a cut of conference TV revenues — built mostly upon football — when it doesn’t field a team in its most crucial sport?

I agree with Virginian-Pilot scribe Harry Minium, who predicts C-USA will let UAB stay in the conference for the 2015-16 season while it searches for a new home. The conference has been gutted in recent years, mostly by the American Athletic Conference, so it knows how much uncertainty stinks. Commissioner Britton Banowsky seems like a guy who wouldn’t want those student-athletes set adrift into the void with no clear direction.

Direction still seems to be lacking at UAB these days. The administration was even having problems picking a consultant to review the decision to drop football. As patient as Conference USA has been with the Blazers, it looks like UAB’s time might run out in June.


Doc’s still looking for some energy

April 9, 2015 by Derek Redd

Marshall football coach Doc Holliday sounded like he was looking for a little more fire from his team during Thursday’s practice, the first one in a while that was held at Joan C. Edwards Stadium, rather than the indoor facility. He didn’t go as far as he did in front of cameras last week when he called that practice “awful,” but you could tell Thursday he wasn’t pleased.

There were some things out there I didn’t particularly like, but it’s spring ball and that’s what spring ball is all about.

Maybe a change of scenery would help the team, and it’s going to get that Saturday, when the Herd scrimmages at the AdvoCare Sports Performance Center at The Greenbrier, the same facility the New Orleans Saints used for their preseason camp last season. A lot of those players likely haven’t seen that type of opulence (I sure didn’t until I visited two Mays ago) and that should be a fun adventure. Plus, they’ll get a taste of exactly what an NFL facility looks and feels like, which is another type of opulence.

Check back with later tonight or with the Friday print edition of the Daily Mail for a report on a pair of transfers finally getting their chance to work their way up the depth chart — linebacker Shawn Petty and defensive end Blake Keller.

Conference title games could look different soon

April 7, 2015 by Derek Redd

Looks like the ACC and Big 12 will get what they want when it comes to conference football championship games.

Dennis Dodd of reports that restrictions on those title games will be relaxed by 2016. For the Big 12 that could mean a championship game with a 10-team conference. Current rules require 12 teams for a conference title game. For the ACC that could mean one of several things. Could that mean the top two teams regardless of division would play for the title? Could that mean what Bob Bowlsby — Big 12 commissioner and chairman of the new NCAA Football Oversight Committee — mentioned to Dodd, that the ACC might split into three divisions with the top two division champs playing for the title?

And what might it mean for Conference USA and other smaller conferences? C-USA spokeswoman Courtney Morrison-Archer said the conference hasn’t made any decisions yet, one way or the other.

“We would be supportive of this type of legislation,” she said. “Not saying we would do things differently, but it would give us more flexibility if we did decide to make a change.”

On one hand, making sure the best two teams in the conference, not just the best in each division, play for the conference title isn’t a bad idea. That one last win over a good opponent could make the difference between the Group of Five bid in the access bowls and pre-Christmas bowl game versus another Go5 foe. On the other hand, fighting for a division title is a bit more streamlined than playing to finish among the top two of some convoluted formula.

Any vote won’t come for a little while, but it looks inevitable. Who takes the NCAA up on the proposition remains to be seen.