Holy homework!

September 25, 2012 by Carrie Cherry
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Hard at work

So here we are, more than a month into the school year. And so far, it’s going well. My daughter loves kindergarten. Loooves it. So that makes me happy.

I, however, am struggling – with the homework. That’s right, kindergarten homework. I’m new to my role as parent of a school-age child, so help me out here. Is this normal?

Here’s what came home Monday in the homework folder and is due back Friday:

*Learn to spell first and last name in sign language.

*Trace first and last name four times and practice writing it on your own several times.

*Have child read the phonics story “Little Mouse.”

*Look through a magazine and find words or pictures that start with the letter M. Cut them out and make a collage.

*Color the pictures on a worksheet that start with the letter M.

*Practice writing the following words: man, mom, mat, mix and map.

*Go around the house looking for numbers. Draw a picture of something with numbers from each room in the house.

Granted, this isn’t rocket science. But it seems like a lot to me.

Maybe that’s because evenings have become a scramble now that school has started. With my job, I don’t get home until 6:30 a couple evenings a week. Another night of the week, we have dance class. So I get an hour to spend with my daughter before bath and bedtime.

I want her to do well in school. I want her to work hard and learn new things. But I kinda miss just hanging out with her. We like to play board games and read books, and sometimes, gasp, watch TV. There’s not much time for that with all the homework.

So my questions to the mommies: Is this a lot of homework? Is this typical? How do you manage homework time?


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  1. KrisNo Gravatar says:

    Wow is right. I am a teacher who doesn’t believe in homework, so of course, asking for more than 1 item per night, seems like a bit much. I want to beleive that her teacher is new and overwhelmed trying to figure out how to reach all of her (The teachers) goals/ requirments. Well I work with underpriveledged children and all of the “old” teachers told me that the parent’s don’t care and they don’t want to participate, but I still send things home so I can get a feel for the parents myself. Maybe she is trying to get her feelers out…NAH I think she doesnt’ have a realistic expectation of what family life is like.

  2. KrisNo Gravatar says:

    I also have to say, that everything I ask my parents to do WITH their child, I send home all of the supplies…paint, magazines, scizzors, pens, posterboard – and tell them to ask if they need anything.

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