will.i.am raps about w.va.

August 2, 2011 by Brad McElhinny
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Do you like it when your home state is mentioned favorably by celebrities?

Do you like it when your state is rapped about?

Well, here’s will.i.am rapping about West Virginia during a Black Eyed Peas concert at The Greenbrier last week.

(* video by a guy named DCHacksaw)

Do you prefer will.i.am to John Denver and ‘Country Roads’?

Beckley’s Register-Herald newspaper quoted Greenbrier owner Jim Justice about the Peas and their goodwill toward West Virginia.

Turns out, Jim Justice is Fergie-licious:

Jim Justice, owner of The Greenbrier resort, admits he was thrilled with the performance by the hip-hop group Friday during their appearance at the state fairgrounds in conjunction with the Greenbrier Classic. Especially their seemingly 1 million references to West Virginia.

“I did not ask (them to do that),” Justice said. “That just shows class. I met those guys and Fergie backstage and they are just so nice and so genuine. And they get up on stage and … that was just phenomenal. It was over the top to me. I loved it to death.”

His favorite concert of the three?

“Let’s not be a dumb bunny here,” Justice said, laughing. “I got to hug Fergie and everything, and she is one major good-looking girl.”

Stuff you'll get shoved in your locker for saying

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4 Responses to “will.i.am raps about w.va.”

  1. KatyNo Gravatar says:

    Is he saying “wedgies?”

  2. I have not heard much positive things about their performance. Mostly they lip syched and did not even play all of the songs they did. A lot of people left early.

  3. AprilNo Gravatar says:

    That was the best concert I have EVER been to!

  4. JakeNo Gravatar says:

    Nicholas, If you werent there you dont know. They put on a great show and that place was packed. If people left early it was to beat the bad traffic. I saw people doing the same for the other 2 concerts as well. If anyone did not like the show its prolly because they do not like that type of music to begin with.

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