DC’s New 52 comics lineup and Rabbi Urecki

August 31, 2011 by Brad McElhinny
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DC Comics upended its own history today by rebooting its entire comics lineup.

The comics company is starting over every comic it publishes with issue No. 1.

Supes gets a reboot — the hard way

The change kicked off with the debut of Justice League No. 1. Comics fans are pretty excited, and are also wondering what to expect next.

I had a quick email discussion about the issue with one of the biggest comics fans I know, Rabbi Victor Urecki of B’nai Jacob Synagogue in Charleston. Here goes:

Me: DC Comics, known for superheroes like Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, announced earlier this year that it would reboot its entire lineup. What was your initial reaction?

Urecki: Excitement. I have been reading DC comics since the mid-sixties. I have seen the various changes, styles, formats and re-boots. As a fan, I like things just fine now but I want to see our shrinking base expand and the line needs to retool and try to become more friendly for another generation of potential fans. This offers a perfect jump on point, something that has been tried but not on this level. Frankly, I hope it works. I am on board regardless, but hey, I am getting old. We need newer fans!

Me: The first issue of the rebooted Justice League, which is DC’s flagship super-team book, debuts today. Are you getting it?

Urecki: On my way to my LCS (local comics shop) as soon as I finish this!

Me: What other titles are you excited about?

Rabbi Urecki considers his comics selections

Urecki: I will try them all. I will tell you, there are a lot of good things worth a look!
Other than the big marquee titles with the hot writers and artists, I have my sights on Resurrection Man by Abnett and Lanning.
They haveĀ  put out fabulous some fabulous stuff at Marvel. Jeff Lemire is a great writer, so I will defiinitely pick up FRANKENSTEIN. I like Winnick on Batwing and Catwoman. Michael Green is awesome so Supergirl is worth it. And I am urging everyone to check out Aquaman. Geoff Johns on words and Ivan Reis on art? That can’t miss!

Me: Is there anything DC is doing that bugs you?

Urecki: I really think DC needs to have a the story so far like Marvel. That makes it so much easier to jump on when you hear a new storyline is worth looking at. I am not a TPB (trade paperback) fan but it seems DC ( and Marvel) makes it much easier for the “waiting for trades” gang than for us the monthly readers or the ones who still enjoy our “floppies” ( singles).

Me: Part of DC’s move is to make its comics available in digital format the same day comics are available at local retailers. Do you download any comics?

Urecki: Big computer fan but not when it comes to comics. I am a purist. I love going to a comic book store, I love the texture of a comic, etc. Digital doesn’t work for me.

Me: Any other thoughts on the revamped DC lineup?

Urecki: Can’t talk! Must go the comic book store! I am pumped! Hope DC does well with this new line!

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9 Responses to “DC’s New 52 comics lineup and Rabbi Urecki”

  1. Todd GoldbergNo Gravatar says:

    Kudos to my friend Rabbi Urecki, who is the biggest comic fan in WV I know besides myself. As a longtime DC fan, I am rather annoyed that they are changing all their titles but will give it a chance and see how it goes. I just bought the first issue of the new Justice League series digitally on my Ipad and will see how it is. (Sorry to my LCS this was easier).

  2. bradmcNo Gravatar says:

    What’d you think of Justice League No. 1, Todd?

  3. victor ureckiNo Gravatar says:


    Quick take on JL #1 for you. I enjoyed it! I wasn’t blown away by either the story or art but a good, solid foundation for the series. I liked the “five years ago” start, the Hal Jordan/ Bruce Wayne interplay, the brashness of Green Lantern, the coolness of Batman, and the “alien”approach and overconfidence of Supes. First issues are always tough. They are largely “set-up” and intro. What makes it doubly challenging is that especially here, the characters are so iconic and well defined. Makes any first issue an incomplete until the first story arc is concluded.

    Having said that, a solid good read. Big improvement over recent reboots and well worth following….now, next week’s Animal Man and Swamp Thing look very interesting!

  4. bradmcNo Gravatar says:

    I also read it and thought the most interesting part might have been the introduction of Cyborg. Here he’s a fully human high school football star. Which got me to thinking of how Cyborg probably has the most horrifying superhero origin of anybody, with the exception of maybe Wolverine or Wildfire.

  5. Todd GoldbergNo Gravatar says:

    Brad and Victor: Well so far, of the “New 52″ I have read Justice League 1 and Action. To me they were ok in and of themselves, in terms of art and story,but I still don’t like the whole reboot idea, throwing out all the years of background and mythology which I liked, and I don’t like Superman’s new costume either, don’t understand why he is in jeans in Action in a uniform (with a different cape/collar) in the other books. Superman in particular seemed like he did in 1938, a mysterious social crusader, not the beloved hero we are used to. Might be interesting to see more of his origin and background. I also miss some of my favorite past characters such as JSA and Power Girl, interested to see how/if they’ll ever revive them. With sales of all print media going down the tubes, I don’t blame them for shaking things up a little and trying something different, but I guess I’m too old for all this change. Just like after the Crisis, I hope and suspect they’ll eventually gravitate back to stories more consistent with the past, but we’ll see.

  6. bradmcNo Gravatar says:

    I’m also worried/excited about where the Justice Society has gone. Back in the day, when the earths were two, I used to really enjoy the crossovers. I think I read somewhere that the Justice Society has returned to Earth 2 and might appear in a few months with some old favorite characters. I hope so.

  7. mountiesNo Gravatar says:

    Fairly new to the Charleston area. Where might a fellow comic geek find a good LCS?

  8. bradmcNo Gravatar says:

    It sort of depends on geography. In Charleston, there’s Cheryl’s Comics at 5216 1/2 Maccorkle Avenue SE, which is in the Kanawha City area. Cheryl is friendly and low-pressure.

    Newer to the area is The Rifleman, which is on Charleston’s West Side: 419 Virginia Street West (304) 205-7919. I’ve never been in, but I’ve peered in the window. It looks fairly nice. They also seem to do cards and collectibles.

    In St. Albans or Winfield, C&C Comics at 318 Winfield Rd is convenient and has a nice selection.
    (304) 727-5207

  9. mountiesNo Gravatar says:

    Thanks. I will check out Cheryl’s. You are a life saver! Been looking around for a while. Digital on my phone just isn’t gonna cut it. I need my ink!

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