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April 6, 2012 by duanemaddy
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There’s something special happening on television.  Great writing and acting have made a comeback.  Reality television is dead and the decay is blowing away like dust.  While the major networks attempt to hold on to cheaply processed reality programs in an attempt to spend as little as possible, neglecting the quality viewers expect, cable channels (like AMC, USA, HBO and TNT) have decided to stitch the wound of what was thought to be a dying medium, television.


You’re already aware of the established series of programming on AMC.  The Walking Dead, Mad Men and Breaking Bad have audiences waiting on the edge of their couch with weekly cliffhangers that bend the mind and plot twists that actually involves literal jaw dropping.

The latest series to arrive is scheduled for release on Wednesday, June 13 at 9/8c.  Dallas makes its triumphant return to television with the Ewing family of today.  JR and Bobby renew their rivalry – but that’s only the beginning.  JR’s and Bobby’s sons are trying to lead the family business in two different directions and the backstabbing from 25 years ago is illuminated once more.

The storyline immediately sets the stage for a great season in the pilot, “Changing of the Guard”.  The character development for John Ross (JR’s son) is really well done because he’s enough like his father for the viewer to hate, but leaves enough room for him to learn a thing or two from ol’ JR.

Look for appearances by the former Ewing troublemakers throughout the series as well.  For those keen on nostalgia, you’ll really enjoy the opening credits and theme – one of the most iconic of the 1980s – has changed just enough to let the viewer know it’s a new day in Dallas.  For TNT, this may very well prove what JR says is true, “blood’s thicker than water, but oil’s thicker than both.”


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  1. I for one will be eagerly awaiting the return of “Dallas”! I have some fond memories of old JR, even though he double-crossed me time and time again!

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