Citronella – A barking dog’s best friend’s best friend

October 13, 2011 by carolinecoleman
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Our 16-pound schnauzer-poodle mix, Abby, has a lot of energy and being that she is just a youthful three-year-old in a house with three elderly dogs, well, she can get pretty frustrated. She can’t understand why Gus, Buster and Hobbit would rather lie around and sleep than play with her 24/7. To pass the time Abby will enlist my husband and me in endless games of fetch. She loves it when we throw that big blue ball across the yard for her again and again and again and …. Of course, we can only do this for so long, so in her spare time the little spitfire does her best to boss the others around. She seems to have things under control with Gus and Hobbit, but Buster? He gets under her skin. He simply ignores her and that drives her bonkers. No matter how much she barks and barks at him, he won’t respond. It’s really not fair to Buster. He’s a patient dog and does nothing to deserve such treatment. Quite simply, it’s no fun for us humans, either. Her bark is constant and downright loud. Ear-piercing loud. She has a knack for ruining a perfectly relaxing evening of listening to music, reading a book, or watching TV. This is no way to live in one’s own house. I mean, who’s in charge here anyway? (Don’t answer that.)

My husband and I have tried several corrective methods to stop the madness, but to no avail. Loud noises, such as clapping our hands or stomping our feet, only distract her briefly. It’s not very becoming when we resort to the stomping anyway. Shaking an empty aluminum can filled with pennies – also not effective. Ever heard of the As Seen On TV gadget “Bark Off?” Apparently, Abby’s ears don’t pick up on the product’s super-high frequency. Of course, telling her “no” is a waste of time. Even attempting to reason with the little firecracker doesn’t work. Obviously, we were at our wits’ end and running out of ideas, but we had to stop this nonsense. First of all, her treatment of Buster was unacceptable. He is still in recovery from a serious illness. Besides, our nerves were nearly shot. Something had to be done. That’s when, finally, a successful internet search led me to the Gentle Spray Citronella Anti-Bark Collar.

I was apprehensive about trying the collar at first. Did it really work? Was it cruel? I consulted with our veterinarian and researched the device online and decided it was at least worth a try.

It turns out the Gentle Spray collar was the answer! One bark and a little spray of citronella is emitted under Abby’s chin. Just enough to get her attention. No more barking. Simple as that. She has no fear of the collar. In fact, she stands in place patiently as I put it on her. Of course, we take it off when she’s playing fetch, resting and sleeping. The gentle spray method works so well that she barks less even when she’s not wearing it. I think what makes the collar so effective is the fact that the citronella spray is emitted immediately when she barks. She gets consistency, (an important aspect in dog training), and that helps her make the connection between the odd citronella scent and her barking. Looking back, I think we just confused the poor girl even more by attempting to shush her with no’s, shaking cans full of coins and hand-clapping. There was no way we could be consistent with those methods.

So, we finally have peace in our home again. Now, if we could just get Hobbit to pee outside instead of inside … right next to the open door. Sigh.

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  1. been experiencing about my dog barking and had an argument/quarrel w/ neighbor (on the right side, the back neighbor didn’t complain) is the product available here in the philippines? were in mindanao-davao area.
    hope to hear from you soon.

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