Cats need homes ASAP or going to shelter, or worse

November 9, 2011 by Brad White
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I received a note from South Charleston resident Dee Dizmang, and she needs help with some cats to help with homes.

It’s a pretty tough situation where a good friend of hers passed away, and her cats need someplace good to go.

“These are her cats that need too be placed or they will be taken to shelter or turned out,” Dee said.

All are indoor cats and are spayed/neutered. I don’t know anything about their shots. They have carriers, toys, food, litter boxes and litter. All are declawed except one, Luke.

Here are the cats:

Luke – Orange coloring, 13 years old, good cat, never scratches
Lilly – Black and white coloring, 10 years old, sweet cat, trainable (shakes paws)
Sammy – Black, 7 years old, male, cannot meow due to being mistreated before

Rachael – Calico, 5 years old, sweetest temperament, she drinks water in bathtub
Kaleb – Long hair tabby, 3 years old, was rescued on Rt 35 as a kitten, funny cat, has a rag doll that he twists and turns

Please contact Dee at if you are interested in one or more of the cats.

UPDATE: Rachael still needs a home.

Here’s what her foster mom says:

Folks, this beautiful terrorist has got to have a new home. I’m having to keep her confined to one room, which is terribly unfair to her since I have to work and travel and I can’t take a chance on her destroying Shadow (my other cat).

Who could resist this sweet kitty cat?



6 Responses to “Cats need homes ASAP or going to shelter, or worse”

  1. JessicaNo Gravatar says:

    Can you keep us posted on this? I want to see these cats find a good home. I would adopt them, but I have several right now.

  2. JessicaNo Gravatar says:

    Have these cats been placed yet?

    • bradmcNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Jessica! I’m still waiting to hear. I hope so.

    • bradmcNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Jessica. I’m told that Rachael still needs a home.

      • Brad WhiteNo Gravatar says:

        Rachael does need a home. Let me know if you are interested – her picture is above. From Foster mom:
        “I hope you can find her a home where she’s the center of attention, as she absolutely loves people. Watching her try to knead with all four feet when you scratch her is hilarious! The only problem I have with her is that she’s decided Shadow is no longer allowed to eat, drink or litter in “her” house, and has undone nearly all the progress I’ve made with my skittish old boy in the past 14 months by lying in wait and attacking him. He sheds enough as it is, but never in CHUNKS until Rachael and her teeth came along.

        When I got her on November 11, she was a sick kitty. I picked up her medical records, including a CD with her x-rays, from Gateway. In January 2010, according to her vet, she was losing hair at the base of her tail. (She eventually chewed herself nearly bald everywhere she could reach, so her whole rump and hind legs looked like those of an extremely short-haired cat.) Turns out she had had “miliary dermatitis” (which left hundreds of tiny, itchy scabs on her skin) for almost two years, but in less than three weeks I have it completely cleared up, without medication, by feeding her Avoderm and grooming her a lot.. Poor baby had fleas, so I put Frontline on both her and Shadow the day after I picked her up. The main cause of miliary dermatitis is flea allergy – yet this completely declawed kitty had been allowed to go outside to play!

        I have her carrier, and will send her big litter box and some toys with her. She’s done so well eating Avoderm that I wish it could be continued, but it’s not cheap.

        Sure hope you can find her a good home right away.”

  3. RoseNo Gravatar says:

    I have Rachael for the moment; unfortunately, I have to give her up. She’s an absolutely adorable cat whom I call my beautiful terrorist. She loves people, but has so terrorized my older cat that his life is miserable. She has no claws at all, but manages to chase him down and bite clumps of fur out of him. I would not recommend that she be placed in a home with any other cats, even though she had previously lived with four others. She has SO many good qualities, not the least of which is the prancing she does as she tries to “knead” with all four feet when she’s being scratched. She’s apparently allergic to fleas, but Frontline, two weeks of no food but Avoderm and consistent grooming has completely cleared up the raging miliary dermatitis she’d had for nearly two years (according to her vet records I picked up). Brad, can you post the latest photographs, please?

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