Heroes Step up — Especially After Witnessing a Dog Thrown out of a Car

March 28, 2012 by Brad White
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It’s been a little quiet on the rescue front at Pet City. In fact, with pets getting placed and little activity, I’ve been working on a few thoughts for the Blog. The adoption lull after the holidays couldn’t last forever. Flying in like a dog thrown out of a car, we swing back into action, literally.

Our rescuer hero, Patti Burkhart tells a story that on one hand is absolutely insane, yet on the other, seems like a sign of the times. But Patti, like so many people who care about animals, stepped up. She moved at the horror she saw – a dog jettisoned from its owner – thrown from a moving car.

On Sunday morning as Patti was heading to work, she saw a car slowing down and literally throw a dog from their door. They had slowed down considerably but the poor thing laid there. Shocked, Patti did a u turn and went back because she wasn’t sure what it was happening.

Her first thought was a cat. The breathe had been knocked out of him because he didn’t move for a few seconds. After she realized he was alive, Patti convinced him to come to her with a sandwich that she had packed for lunch. Her lunch. Her food for a spirit in need.

Saved — and needs a home

He was filthy dirty and limped on his right leg. Patti took him home and bathed him. Treated him for fleas and heartworms with the Revolution product. He actually didn’t appear to have any fleas on him. He was so loving and playful. He was no longer limping and was in the yard romping around like a young dog would do. Patti thinks the pup is maybe 6 months old.  In the evenings, her family debated about where to put him but he jumped up on a loveseat and fell right to sleep.  Just laid on his back with his paws in the air. Very sweet. He is trained and hasn’t had any indoor issues; actually a couple of times has scratched at the door to go out.

He has a very sweet personality. Patti says he is young, he jumps and plays with lots of enthusiasm. He loves tennis balls and ropes. Patti wishes that she could keep him but she currently has 4 cats and 1 dog. Since Sunday, 2 of the cats have gone into hiding!

Patti’s compassion is remarkable and she hopes we can find him a forever home. She knows the grateful pup would be appreciative. If anyone is interested, just have them call her cell phone at 304-419-1318.

So, in the face of sheer animal cruelty, in walks an angel.  Thank you Patti.


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  1. HelloNo Gravatar says:

    Has the doggie found a forever home yet? Can you give us a little more information? Please.

    How big is he? Is he neutered? What is his energy level? How is he with your other dog? What about barking issues?

    Thank you.

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