Striking a blow for doggie’s dental hygiene

September 21, 2012 by Brad McElhinny
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If you’re like me, you get scolded when you go to the dentist — even if you have been flossing regularly for at least several days in advance of your appointment.

Does your doggie make good use of products for dental health?

So it shouldn’t have come as any surprise when doggie and I got a mild nudge recently from the veterinarian. A glance at his gumline revealed he had some tartar buildup on his teeth.

Because he lacks opposable thumbs, that wasn’t exactly his fault. He can’t hold a toothbrush.The responsibility was mine.

The vet asked if we’d been giving doggie some treats for dental hygiene. We had some but they weren’t exactly at the top of the hit list. Angus would prefer treats with the delicious flavor of rawhide.

We’d also bought a toothbrush and some meat-flavored toothpaste. He thinks that stuff is deee-licious but I think it smells as weird as those meat sticks that are packaged in jars for toddlers.

Nevertheless, he likes to lick the toothbrush, but I’m not sure how much is getting on the teeth. He doesn’t exactly submit to what I would call a brushing, with circular motions around the teeth.

We’re trying to do a little bit better, with regular access to dental treats and more frequent attempts with the toothbrush. I’d like to get to the point where we nag doggie to brush his teeth every night just like we do the kids in our home — but admittedly we aren’t there yet.

I hope the next time we’re at the veterinarian we get a good checkup.

How about you? How do you make sure your doggie has good dental hygiene?

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  1. Patti LawsonNo Gravatar says:

    Sadie has had her teeth brushed since she was a puppy. The Vet at Banfield recommended it at least once a week. Then her own vet was on TV 8 at noon one day and he said to do it every night. I almost fell off the treadmill where I was watching the TV. EVERY NIGHT! Then I learned it could perhaps extend her life and make her healthier…so it became every night She comes to my bathroom and waits for me or if I go upstairs first I just say…”Toofens Sadie” and in she comes. We too use flavored toothpaste…malt seems to be her favorite and she has vanilla/mint now and likes it too. The only time she exhibits a small rebellion is on the nights she gets a bath…she’ll balk somewhat as if to say…”enough for one night,” but usually complies. She’s only had to have one dental cleaning under anesthesia which is fabulous for a dog who is now nine. So we have two toothbrushes in the bathroom…the trick is to make sure and use the right one…for me!

    • bradmcNo Gravatar says:

      Ha, yeah, I figure you wouldn’t want to get the toothpaste swapped either. I figure like anything — it’s not too bad once it’s part of your routine. But getting to that point is the trick.

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