The Great Dog Debate

October 17, 2012 by Katy Brown
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Tail to the left.

Pim of Pixie Hollow was born on a small farm in Athens, Ohio, one of six Golden Retrievers in the litter. Money was tight and food was scarce, so Pim was put up for adoption.  A young family in Charleston, W.Va took Pim in and made her a member of the family. Since then, she has grown to become a big boned, gorgeous redhead with a booming bark.

Pim is passionate about keeping her family members informed of what’s happening in and around the modest neighborhood.  Thanks to her, they know when someone is getting too close to the fence, or when her sidekick, the Beagle, has cornered a raccoon in the thicket of sticks and fallen tree limbs.  She is a generous dog with a gentle heart.  And, she loves freely. Discrimination doesn’t exist in this yard.  Poodle and Yorkie have found love? Dogs and cats are living together! What’s wrong with that? Canines may be judged for their beauty, performance and obedience compared to others in their class, but not this particular dog.  She believes in equal rights regardless of pedigree.

However, Pim has some concerns. Her health has been an issue since the day of her adoption. Her reproductive choices were endangered due to malformed female genitalia.  This is a true story. She has undergone numerous tests and procedures to prevent chronic urinary tract infections. She is a walking, panting, shedding veterinary bill.  Prescription medications and special diets are extremely expensive.  She needs affordable pet care.

Similarly, Pim is worried about the future of shelters and rescue organizations.  She is concerned about the lack of funding to help get homeless pets off the street. She is worried about the decline in support for animal awareness programs and crate training.  She is annoyed that backyard political deals have changed the tone of conversation as it pertains to spaying and neutering.  She is worried that the little dog has lost his fighting chance.

This is why Pim of Pixie Hollow is casting her vote for Bo Obama.  The Portuguese Water Dog needs four more years (that’s 28 to us) to get working class paws back on the ground.  He needs another term to finish what he started, as no creature should be expected to clean up the previous kennel’s mess in 48 months. He needs all breeds to come together to solve the world’s pet problems. He begs all animals great and small to respect the code of conduct that has guarded loved ones for many lifetimes: One nation, under Dog, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.


Katy Brown‘s Golden Retriever, Pim, has been featured in a new humor book written by Chuck Sambuchino called Red Dog/Blue Dog: When Pooches Get Political. If you haven’t already sniffed it, Pim is a member of the Party of the Pups.

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5 Responses to “The Great Dog Debate”

  1. JakeNo Gravatar says:

    With your article I remember my 2 dogs at home one pug and one German shepherd. They are love of my life and very loyal too. They help me relieve my stress by wagging their tails and be at your side wherever you go inside the house. :D

  2. EmmaNo Gravatar says:

    Yes Jake, you are absolutely right pets help in relieving stress and its proved with many researches and surveys. I have a dog, German shepherd named Buzzo, my best buddy who always be at my side wherever I go. He is now four and an half year old now.

  3. I also agree that pets help us a lot in revealing stress. I once read an article in which it was mentioned that dogs are used to deal with children who have behavioral disorders. This is really great information.

  4. PeterNo Gravatar says:

    I like the idea of quoting dogs – they do have a lot to say, and we usually know what it is! My dog Fergus has has at least as much to say as Pim on the subject of doggie health and happiness, in his own way, of course. Have a look! Fergus the Healing Dog

    • PeterNo Gravatar says:

      I forgot to mention – Fergus does heal people in the same way that many other dogs do – by relating in a warm and friendly way and by giving lots of cuddles. But mostly he heals people by being a model of health living – which is by being completely himself. He doesn’t make the mistake that so many of us do in thinking that we ought to be like somebody else other than ourselves. Since he is a Greyhound, he likes to run very fast indeed, a beautiful sight!

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