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Sadie likes her traditional Christmas Dress!

     I didn’t know dogs liked opening presents until I got Sadie. For her first Christmas I carefully wrapped her gifts and placed them under the tree thinking I’d open them for her. Not so! She instinctively knew the gifts were for her and couldn’t wait to get into them. Paper was shredded, tramped on, bows and ribbon got dragged all over the house…a puppy at Christmas was a wonderful experience.

     So every year since then, Sadie gets to open her gifts first. After watching how excited she is, how utterly happy with whatever is under the wrapping…sets the stage for us to show similar gratitude no matter what the gift. After all, Christmas is about giving…not receiving. Last year, I forgot to let her have her stocking and began packing it away after the holiday. I looked over to the tree area where there was a lot of noise and saw Sadie head first in the box. I couldn’t imagine what she was doing until she knocked the box over and scooted out with her favorite chew that had been in her stocking!

     So…what are your Canine Christmas Traditions? Write them in the comment section. I’ll send you a link. Where you can get something free for your dog to put under the tree. Can’t wait to hear how dogs are celebrating Christmas!


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  1. PFRNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Sadie,

    That’s great to hear! We have a young Border Collie and unfortunately she isn’t as astute in knowing what presents are for her and which aren’t. She seemed to believe the deluxe cheese platter was for her, and that’s what she dragged all over our house last year, ribbons and all!

    Perhaps this year she’ll do better..? ;o)

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