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Shadow...beloved 1 year old Husky of Brian Farrell was stolen.

Shadow…beloved 1 year old Husky of Brian Farrell was stolen.


Brian Farrell is in love with a blue-eyed beauty who has thick luxurious hair. He’s heartbroken because she’s missing. She didn’t leave…she was taken. October 28, 2013 was like any other day. Brian and his dog Shadow woke up, went through their morning routine. He kissed her as usual before leaving for work…he never knew it was a goodbye kiss. When he got home that evening, Shadow was gone.

Brian got home from work at the usual time, but nothing was normal upon his return. Shadow did not greet him. He has a doggie door for Shadow and a fenced area outside the doggy door as extra protection. Nothing was out of place…the yard…the kennel…the house was empty. Brian did all the right things. He had a fenced yard. He had a high fenced kennel area surrounding the dog door. Shadow couldn’t have gotten out of the yard on her own. Someone took her. And if you are that person…you need to give her back. If you know who that person is, you need to report them.

The bond between a person and a dog is as sacred as anything I’ve experienced so far in life. I love my dog Sadie. She completes me. She is with me in spirit no matter where I am and our reunions are always joyous. Brian knows this feeling and he is devastated. He wants Shadow back. She is his canine soul mate.

If you took this dog, you have done a terrible thing. BRING HER BACK. She has feelings. Dogs, like people, are sentient beings…they have emotions. They express joy and happiness…they grieve. Dogs have traveled hundreds of miles to get back to their human companion. They are relentless in their love and will not forget the person they bonded with.  Shadow belongs with her Pet Parent…her Dad. Not with you whoever you are that took her. Whatever your reasons…they will never withstand the bond that Brian and Shadow feel. Just bring her back and walk away.

If someone knows anything about the dognapping of Shadow, please contact Brian Farrell at (304) 741-1990. Or contact me through a comment here…remain anonymous …I will facilitate the return of Shadow. This is begging…downright…earnest…heartfelt…begging. If you live on Poca River Road  and you saw anything on October 28, 2013 between 7:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. no matter how insignificant you think it might be…please let Brian know or call the Sheriff’s department.

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  1. JCNo Gravatar says:

    Is the dogs name Shadow or Snowie? The author calls it both names several times.

  2. I lived in doc bailey road in cross lanes for 40 years. Although I live in SC now, I’ve been keeping a watch and sharing photos. I had a thought, does any of his neighbors have security systems where the outside is monitored, and if they do,mis it taped? Maybe a business or Anthony that could be reviewed to see what could be seen on that day. Like poca food fair, etc. maybe they would see shadow in a vehicle driving by. Maybe someone living close by would see a vehicle driving around. My heart goes out to the family.

  3. Facts OfLifeNo Gravatar says:

    hate to break it to you, but huskys can jump 8 feet, highly doubt that fence was that tall. best bet is to set up trail cams to see if she can be found in areas she has been reported being seen at. feeding stations should be set up (and kept private from the public). it is ignorant to assume she was stolen, it’s deer season, dogs, especially dogs with a high prey drive, will give Chase and get lost. looking at only one possibility is not going to get Shadow home.

  4. Jeani HurleyNo Gravatar says:

    Brian has many friends who are helping him find Shadow. We are sharing on Facebook. out or hanging up posters, calling other friends, searching. We are all hoping and praying that she and Brian will be reunited.

  5. Gail LevineNo Gravatar says:

    Where is Pet City located?
    Where did this incident occur?

  6. My dog was dog napped during us eating Thanksgiving dinner. Pooh-Bear was almost 20 yrs old so it was a critical situation. This is what I done and in a couple days…I got my dog back. The stress of the situation made his health declined really fast, but at least he was home.

    Look around the neighborhood. Is anyone selling a home? You might be suprised that a person would do this to sell the home or one of the potential buyers.

    Deliver fliers to all homes close to you in a 5 mile radius. Place them in the newspaper container never in the mailbox. If no newspaper holders hang them on the door of the mailbox but do not place them inside the mailbox. Serious fines can be imposed.

    Ask local businesses if you can put a flier up. My local McDonalds put one in their drive through when they heard the dog was stolen. I even put the fliers in the library, public restrooms (we have a park not far). Even the most silliest places can produce results. (It might sound unethical, but get willing child, niece, nephew to go along. I got more yes when my then 9 yr old daughter was with me. She was great at marketing..very professional.

    Media coverage. Call or go to your local radio stations. Don’t take no for an answer but most are happy to do it.

    Ask local businesses that are close or have a deputy to do it. Have local stores to check security cameras. You might get a lead that way. (The guy who stole my dog was smart enough to cover his face on my camera, but they may not think about it other places).

    The point is too put heat on the person. If you saturate your area…your stolen dog will have a better chance of coming home. :) mine was.

    If the owner doesn’t know how or don’t have the resources contact me via email. We will help as much as possible. Let’s get this baby home!

    Alysia Farra

  7. LisaNo Gravatar says:

    I have been posting and re posting and praying for Brian and shadow,today I was just thinking maybe some one was visiting one of his neighbors and seen her and took her I am sure Brian has checked out all leads. I hope they are reunited soon I fell so sad for these two my heart breaks… God Bless and please lets get her home.

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