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Sadie looking for more treats.

Sadie looking for more treats.

If you have a dog or cat constantly begging for a treat, you’re not alone. Most pet parents reward good behavior with treats, so it’s no wonder my dog Sadie expects a treat for everything she does. Sadie has me so trained that even when she disturbs me to let her out for nothing more than to sniff around the deck for Mr. Possum, I respond with a treat when she plops down in front of the treat jars. Sadie has discerning tastes though, and often rejects a treat by starting to take it in her mouth and then not clamping down on it. That’s my clue to provide another treat that suits her taste buds.

Good nutrition can’t stop at the food bowl though so I make it a priority that Sadie’s treats are as nutritious as the food she eats.  One of her all-time favorite treats has been salmon or duck jerky. She’d do just about anything for a strip of jerky until recently. She started walking away from the drawer where the jerky is kept to the baker’s rack where her biscuits are kept.  That’s because I started giving her new, all-natural dog treats from Hill’s® Ideal Balance™. Initially I bought them for variety and as sort of a “back-up” treat for the jerky. Sadie surprised me and quickly gobbled them up which pleased me. However when she started rejecting jerky in favor of the Hill’s® Ideal Balance™ “Oven-Baked Naturals” I took notice.

These treats are all natural and made right here in the United States with ingredients like real chicken and beef. Additionally, they’re grain-free which is great for Sadie’s allergies.  There’s no corn, wheat, soy, added artificial preservatives, colors or flavors. I was happy to find that Hill’s carefully chooses high-quality ingredients, most of which are sourced from the U.S., with all meat and poultry coming from USDA-inspected facilities. Hill’s®  has zero tolerance for Salmonella, so I know I can hand them over to a demanding Sadie with assurance it’ssafe and good for her.

The treats come in two varieties, “Soft-Baked Naturals” and “Oven-Baked Naturals” depending on your dog’s preference.  Sadie prefers the crunchiness of the “Oven Baked Naturals”. She grabs the treat and runs to the rug in front of the fireplace to eat them. It makes her happy and I don’t mind sweeping up the inevitable crumbs after a week of treat consumption. Both varieties have plenty of different flavors to choose from, like Chicken & Apples,

Beef & Sweet Potatoes   and Turkey & Cranberries They even make these great treats for cats too! The treats are crunchy and contain real tuna.

Your dog or cat can try these treats for free and  you don’t have to beg for them! Just write a comment about your dog or cat’s favorite method for scamming treats! Is your dog a conniver like Sadie conning you into treats for no reason at all? Does your cat hang around the treat jar meowing until you give her a treat? Send in your comments for a chance to win 3 bags of these delicious treats. You can even extend some holiday generosity and give one of the bags to a local animal rescue…all dogs and cats love treats!

Twenty lucky winners will receive a variety pack of 3 bags of Hill’s® Ideal Balance™ dog treats, or 3 bags of Ideal Balance cat treats. (there is only one variety of cat treats, so all 3 bags will be the same)


Hill’s® Ideal Balance™ “Oven-Baked Naturals” look so good you'll want to eat them too!

Hill’s® Ideal Balance™ “Oven-Baked Naturals” look so good you’ll want to eat them too!



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  1. Cooper, a beautiful 3 year old Husky, knows all the tricks to a treat. He will go outside for no reason, he will eat some of his dinner and act as if that’s enough but mostly he goes to the treat drawer and “talks” to me as if asking for something and acting pitiful, “nobody loves me”.

  2. My dogs are HIGHLY food motivated and will eat most any treats, or yummies as we call them. I cannot leave the house for any reason without giving them a yummie. If they come back inside when called, they have to have a yummie. If they escape like they did today, yummies will get them back. If they get their nails trimmed, they need a yummie. If they take any kind of medication, they have to have a yummie. You get the picture! Their favorite yummies are Blue Dog Bakery Paws and Stars. Reggie is getting old and likes soft yummies, so he likes the Blue Dog Bakery Softies.

  3. Sassyfrass wants to go out in yard when I get home to pee & then she wants her treat!! Sometimes she sits in front of me, talks & woofs till she gets one! She loves the new treats by Hill’s with lamb & apricots!

  4. Cuddles doesn’t usually expect treats, except at bedtime, and when he goes out in the night time. I usually give him a certain amount; but sometimes he cons me into giving him more, by resting his head on the bed, and looking at me with pitiful eyes. I too sometimes think he asks to go out at night an extra time, because he wants to get extra treats. He expects that we bring him back a treat when we go out; but that is usually a bite of something we had for dinner. I suppose we should try to give him a doggie treat instead of people food; but he doesn’t seem to want that.

  5. Oliver and Dusty have to play a game for a treat. I ask them each “what can you do for this treat”? I then get random tricks of which they decide totally on their own which to perform. Dusty will usually roll over first, Oliver will sneeze. I then ask again “what can you do for this treat” and they will each give me a new trick. Sometimes I get the same trick twice for which I say “I already saw that trick, what else can you do”? Usually they will pick a different trick the second time and then they get their treat. We rescued a new cutie patootie “Gertie-boo” 2 weeks ago and she is learning the treat game very fast.
    But I must say that Dusty’s favorite trick for a treat is when my husband tells her to sit and she catches the treat which her throws from behind his back. I guess you could say my fur kids have to earn their treats. But they love it!

  6. I rescue so at any given time I have 6-7 dogs here in my house. Some come in here skinny and not in the best of shape to say the least. In a very short period of time though they are spoiled, fed a good diet and taught at the very least their basic commands. It is funny how quickly you can teach a dog to sit, lay down and stay with a good treat! I eventually teach them to sit while I lay a treat on the floor or on my lap and make them stay until I give the command to get it. I wish I could send a picture because when I break out the treats I’ll turn around and like magic there are 6-7 dogs sitting in an orderly fashion as if I had already given them a command (which I didn’t) knowing what they are about to get. My absolute favorite though is when I put my hand into the bag or container, our small long haired chihuahua is already standing on his back legs dancing. Yes he can do two full turns quickly before I have even gotten his treat out. :) I will warn you—when training dogs with treats if you have a pack, take the trainee aside separately to do the training. Other wise every step you take you will have 5-6 other dogs taking those same few steps and quickly sitting again right at your legs waiting for theirs. Haha it makes it a little difficult for the trainee to focus!

  7. My dog, Pepper, pulls the same trick you stated above. She loves to go outside just to sniff around the yard and then run back up on the porch expecting a treat. Occasionally she’ll just go out to lay on the porch expecting a treat as well. If I notice what she’s trying to do, she doesn’t get a treat from me. However, the kids are all too willing to give the treats. LOL

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