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Brian and Shadow's joyful reunion.

Brian and Shadow’s joyful reunion.

Shadow went missing on October 28, 2013. Brian Farrell has not been able to sleep or concentrate since then. All signs pointed to Shadow being abducted. No one knows their dog better than the Dog Dad and Brian remained steadfast in his belief.

Friends put up a Facebook page. Leads were developed and followed all the way to Oregon and in between. Sightings were reported. As recent as last night Brian and I talked on the phone about a lead I’d gotten on my own Facebook page. Readers of this blog were attetntive and sent in several helpful comments, but last night Brian was starting to wear down and needed encouragement. We developed a new strategy that we planned to enlist help in putting together today.



     My phone rant after 11pm last night and it was Brian. “You’re not gonna believe this,” he said. I knew from the tone of his voice I was going to get good news…unbelieveable news. I was right. Brian had Shadow.

     He received a call that someone had the dog and could he meet them in Winfield. They were willing to give the dog back…IF no questions were asked. As much as any Pet Parent would want anyone punished for taking thei Fur Child, the ultimate goal is to get your dog back. So he agreed. He went to the arranged meeting place after saying he’d need a few minutes to get the reward. They didn’t want it. He left. And the rest is history. Brian and his beloved Shadow are reunited.

     Pet Parents can learn a lot about finding a missing/stolen dog from Brian and Shadow’s case. Shadow was microchipped which in the midst of panic at the loss of a dog can bring some comfort. Here are some tips you can keep in case your pet is ever missing. Lost or stolen…it’s the same when they are gone.

1. Get your pet microchipped. It’s safe and provides undisputable idenity should you have to prove it’s your dog.

2. Keep a small envelope with photos of you and your dog, your vet’s name and phone number, a copy of your adoption or registration papers.    Often when dogs are stolen, the thief will swear up and down that the dog belongs to them. This is the best proof in the absence of a microchip.

3. DO NOT leave your dog alone even in a fenced yard. Brian had a double layer of protection for his dog, yet the person that took Shadow pried the kennel away from the house allowing them to remove her.

4. DO NOT trust your dog for any reason with anyone you don’t know really, really well. Dog walkers, so-called trainers, friend of friends, kennels you’ve not check out. ONLY leave your dog with places you know very well and have checked and people you have a record of trust with.

5. DO NOT leave your dog in a car. People steal dogs all the time by breaking into cars and taking the dog. Video surveillance tape of parking lost is grainy and hard to see so you can’t count on catching the dognapper.

6. USE SOCIAL MEDIA!!! I can’t emphasize enough how important Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media venues are in finding lost pets. Brian had a team of people put up a website, he used his own FB page, I wrote my blog and asked everyone to share. It works and it’s free.

7. JUSTICE RESCUE is an amazing organizaton in the Philadelphia area that finds stolen pets and is mainly involved in rescuing animals from abusive conditions. In fact this year they received an award from the Vineland New Jersey Police Department for rescuing a stolen dog. They have a Facebook page and a website You can contact them for advice and their website and FB page are great resources for locating a stolen pet.

     If you’re like me and Brian and millions of other Pet Parents…your dog is family. Treat them like any two- legged family member and you’ll never have to see your dog on a missing poster.

     As for Brian and Shadow, the reunion is fantastic. The ordeal won’t soon be forgotten. I’ll be making sure Shadow ahs a great supply of treats later today and as a Dog Mom…I couldn’t be happier for them.



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  1. Such great news & thanks patti for all the hard work U’ve done & advice for us all!!

  2. Hi Patti,
    Shadow’s story gives me hope. My dog went missing the same night 10/28 but I haven’t gotten any leads so far. I would appreciate if you could reply to my email with any info how you were able to track down the people who took Shadow. You can also call me, my number is on our facebook page.
    I need a new strategy and I could definitely need some advise :(
    Thank you so much.

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