Love on Four Legs

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Sadie's little gift for her Dad, but the saying also describes her.

Sadie’s little gift for her Dad, but the saying also describes her.


This is the day set aside for love. Florists are going crazy getting flowers delivered in the winter weather. Restaurants are overbooking reservations for romantic dinners and jewelry stores have a million different kinds of diamond heart necklaces. However much I love my boyfriend, it’s my dog Sadie that taught me the real meaning of love and to her I owe a deep appreciation on any day that celebrates it.

Sadie came into my life expecting nothing. I brought her home not even knowing why I went and got a puppy, but that simple act has turned out to be the most important decision I ever made in my life. It didn’t take any time at all to fall in love with her and realize…this is puppy loves me just for me. That is a confirmation of my own worth that I don’t get from many people.

Sadie won’t be looking for a present today even though she’ll be getting some special heart shaped treats. She didn’t drop any hints about a new rhinestone collar or fancy outfit. Through all the good and tough times in my life, she is there as a constant source of comfort, encouragement, and inspiration with her good nature and unconditional love for me.

Early on in my life together with Sadie, someone gave me a copy of the Ten Commandments for Dog Parents. One stood out and that one I have made my mission to follow as Sadie and I share our lives together:

 “Please limit your time away from me. You have your work, your friends. I have only you.”

  That simple sentence said it all to me. She needed me and I had come to need her so very much. No matter what you give your dog this Valentine’s Day; please make a pact with yourself to give her the gift of time. Shut the TV off and make time to play with your dog. Get out the brush and brush her coat…it feels good to her and it’s a bonding time. Learn how to cook a good meal you can share with your dog and make sure your get regular veterinary care to keep her healthy. Take your dog with you everywhere possible. Sadie loves going places and I’m much happier with her at my side.


I have no reservations for dinner, but the three of us will celebrate this day of love just by being together. I’m lucky…Sadie loves the man I love and she loves him. Include your dog in your Valentine’s celebration even if it’s just bringing her something home from you dinner at a restaurant.  Spend the evening together and give her some extra belly scratches or a small gift. And if your sweetie gets you some chocolate candy, make sure it is completly out of reach for your dog. Chocolate might be a great sign of romance for people, but for dogs it’s deadly.

Through it all, Sadie and I are a pack of two and that is a very good thing to celebrate not just Valentine’s Day, but every day. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and that special four-legged soul mate you cherish.

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