Easter bunnies are a lifetime commitment

April 20, 2014 by Samantha Ricketts
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To some, Easter means the end of Lent. To others, coloring and hunting for eggs. To me, it’s a chance to see my pet everywhere.

Not him, specifically, but his species.

He’s a bunny. And his name is Jacques.


All my life, I’ve had various rodents and the like for pets. My dad is allergic to cats, and my mom just didn’t want a dog to mess up her house. So my options were confined to caged animals. I’ve had guinea pigs, rats, mice, hamsters, gerbils and bunnies. I’d recommend some more than others. Guinea pigs and rats are great. Hamsters, not really.

I’d love to own all the pets in the world. But for now, I’m content with just my bunny.

He’s the perfect pet for me.

He doesn’t make any noise, so I can keep him in my apartment without any problems. He also doesn’t make any messes, except in his cage. And that just needs cleaned once a week. He doesn’t eat or drink much, and is content with just a wooden box to jump on, a blanket to dig in and a paper towel roll to play with. Mine is a unique bunny in that he doesn’t enjoy carrots or other vegetables, but he snacks on a few select treats from the pet store.

But bunnies are not for everyone.

If you’re thinking about getting a bunny for Easter, make sure you’re ready for a commitment. They live for 8 to 12 years and have strong personalities. Be prepared to play with them daily. They like attention and they need a good-sized area to run and jump. Although they don’t need baths, you’ll need to cut their nails every few weeks, or take them somewhere to do so. You’ll also need a stockpile of newspaper and bedding to line the cage, as well as rabbit food, treats and toys.

They don’t cost as much as a dog or cat, but they require the same amount of love. Please don’t buy one as a cute addition to your Easter basket just to turn it in to the animal shelter in a few weeks.

Stuffed toys are for baskets; animals are for life.


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