Baylor’s trips packages

Caught this on television and then had some others tip me off and clue me in, but consider this a viewer’s guide for today.

Watch Baylor’s trips packages. They have variations and they’re useful. When the Bears stack three receivers on one side of the field, it’s part of a zone read package that gives quarterback Nick Florence options. He can hand it off, he can fake the handoff and keep it or he can pass it. He’ll do all three.

Quick! Note the formation at the top of the screen. That’s what you’ll look for — and that’s something WVU will look for. It’s fairly obvious, which is why Baylor likes to hurry. But when they’re stacked, expect a zone read play. Stacking the receivers gives the running back to get wide and then vertical in blocking lanes.

Baylor will switch it up some, though. This is a little twist with more space — did you know Baylor uses space? — but Florence scoops up a bad snap, seems to abandon the zone read in favor of haste and fires a quick screen outside. The Bears have an immediate numbers advantage with the third defender in the defensive backfield, so it’s the logical play.

This one happens fast, too, but the trips are again up top and Baylor again hurries. Watch the short receiver leap high for a faux pass and suck in defenders while another receiver slips up the rail. Clever play.