Reminder: Book launch/charity benefit

Many, many copies of “Waiting for the Fall” will be available for sale and for signing from 6-10 p.m. tomorrow night at Morgantown Brewing (formerly the Brew Pub). If you have one you’d like signed, if you haven’t bought one yet and want to get a copy, if you like free beer and bar snacks, if you seek the company of WVU fans, come on by.

I’m hoping we get a big crowd, and not just for my benefit, since I’m putting a portion of my sales toward charity. I think what follows is worth a little more time and energy: The charity raffle for “Remember the Miners.”

We beat the pavement here for a while and came away with a lot of good stuff to give away so that we can give some money to a charity I rather like. For $5, you can get three tickets and for $10 you can get an arm’s length of tickets. Everything from the raffle goes to the charity.

Here’s what we have:

- Two $5 gift cards from Naticakes
– One $15 gift card from Oliverio’s
– One $15 gift card from Texas Road House
– Five gift cards for one free large, one-topping pizza from Anthony’s Pizza
– 10 gift cards for a free Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich meal
– From WVU’s sports marketing: two WVU basketball foam fingers, one foam cheer stick, one WVU baseball, one Panera/WVU basektball T-shirt, one Qdoba/WVU baseball T-shirt, one Zul’s/WVU women’s basketball T-shirt, one Mountaineer Maniaca/WVU gymnastics T-shirt, one gold WVU rally towel, two blue WVU rally towels and 24 “Beat Pitt” stickers.
– One “Thirty-One” bag

- One travel mug and two WVU T-shirts from the Book Exchange

- A “Countdown to Kickoff” cup autographed by Marc Bulger … and he agreed to do it as long as someone promised to use it for beer.

- And then there’s this. We’re going to put this one on a silent auction. It’s a basketball signed by all the coaches and players on the most-recent men’s team. Can’t thank them enough for donating that.

Listen, I know some of you roll your eyes when I talk about the book or speed your eyes through what I’m saying at that moment. Maybe you’ve missed or hadn’t liked all the fun we’ve been having on Facebook. That’s fine, but don’t dismiss this, please. It means a lot to me and, as you can tell, it means a lot to others. I don’t mind if you brag about this to people you know.  Help me spread the word and help us make some money.

Thanks to everyone who has chipped in and who will chip in from this point forward. Hope to see you tomorrow night.